RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 19

RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Ptactice Set 19 : The recruitment process for Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Group D posts to be conducted by Railways has been started and Phase 1 and Phase 2 examination has been concluded and Phase 3 will be conducted from 08 September to 19 September. And all the candidates who are going to take part in this exam, they should prepare well so that they can score good marks in the exam.

In such a situation, today, through this article, we have come up with solutions to the important questions of Static GK being asked in Railway Group D examinations with answers and these questions will prove to be very beneficial for Group D examination conducted by Railways, so students should study these questions. Do do it to understand the level of questions asked in the exam and to assess yourself.

RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Ptactice Set 19
RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Ptactice Set 19

RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Ptactice Set 19 (25 MCQs)

Question. Two resistors 1052 and the other 202, are connected in series to the 60 battery. The electric current in the circuit is ……….. The induced current is maximum?

Answer 1

Question. The direction of motion of the coil with respect to the magnetic field is………. The induced current is highest when

Answer: 2

Question. Consider the pH of the given solution, which solution has the highest concentration of hydrogen ions?

4.7, 8.0, 2.4, 10.1

Answer: 3

Question. Sound waves with frequencies below the audible range are called:

  • ultrasound
  • ultrasonic
  • supersonic
  • infrasonic

Answer: 4

Question. Which of the following is soft and soft?

  • Sulphur
  • Copper
  • Carbon
  • Phosphorus

Answer: 2

Question. In which year was the Battle of Waterloo fought?

Answer 1

Question. What is the unit of acceleration in SI system?

Answer 1

Question. The exhalation is done by ……….

  • inhalation of air
  • pulmonary edema
  • Lung inflation
  • Panjar’s broken

Answer: 2

Question. Oxides react with acids as well as with bases.

  • acidic
  • Inactive
  • amphoteric
  • alkaline

Answer: 3

Question. Nuclear fusion reactions occur spontaneously:

  • in the sun
  • in nuclear reactor
  • in the core of the earth
  • ocean waves

Answer 1

Question. The correct formula for calcium hydroxide is

Answer 1

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Question. Velu Thampi Dalwa was associated with which Indian princely state? He is known for his rebellion against the British.

  • Vizianagaram
  • Mysore Kingdom
  • Chola Empire
  • travancore

Answer: 4

Question. The weight of an object on the Moon is how many times its weight on Earth?

  • 1/6 times
  • 5 times
  • 6 times
  • 1/5 times

Answer 1

Question. Which of the following compounds does not contain water of crystallization?

  • Copper sulphate
  • gypsum
  • Baking soda
  • washing soda

Answer: 3

Question. O2 The splitting of pyruvate takes place using

  • Vacancies
  • lysosomes
  • mitochondria
  • nucleus

Answer: 3

Question. An electric lamp of 120 W is used for 8 hours a day. Calculate the units of energy used by the lamp in a day.

  • 1.50 units
  • 16.00 units
  • 0.96 units
  • 2.00 units

Answer: 3

Question. Which singer was awarded Bharat Ratna in 2001?

  • Asha Bhogle
  • Lata Mangeshkar
  • Surbhi Chauhan
  • bismillah khan

Answer: 2

Question. How many times did the Mysore and Anglo wars take place?

Answer: 4

Question. In which intestine does the absorption of food take place?

  • small intestine
  • large intestine
  • Both
  • none of these

Answer 1

Question. Of. R. Name the book written by Meera, which raises pertinent questions about the cost of honesty and idealism in politics.

  • nithromyelanum
  • The Gospel of Eudas
  • guillotine
  • arachar

Answer: 2

Question. 5 – 8% acetic acid is called:

  • ethanol
  • glacial acetic acid
  • ester
  • vinegar

Answer: 4

Question. If two dissimilar masses have the same kinetic energy, then the heavier mass is:

  • high speed
  • Low speed
  • uniform speed
  • more impulse

Answer: 3

Question. Which one of the following animals reproduces by budding and can carry out regeneration?

  • planaria
  • plasmodium
  • hydra
  • yeast

Answer: 3

Question. The point at which the entire weight of an object acts is called

  • center of pressure
  • center of gravity
  • center of mass
  • center of friction

Answer: 2

Question. Yuzvendra Chahal belongs to which of the following sports?

  • Shooting
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Tennis

Answer : ?

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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