RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 18

RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 18 : The recruitment process for Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Group D posts to be conducted by Railways has been started and Phase 1 and Phase 2 examination has been concluded and Phase 3 will be conducted from 08 September to 19 September. And all the candidates who are going to take part in this exam, they should prepare well so that they can score good marks in the exam.

In such a situation, today, through this article, we have come up with solutions to the important questions of Static GK being asked in Railway Group D examinations with answers and these questions will prove to be very beneficial for Group D examination conducted by Railways, so students should study these questions. Do do it to understand the level of questions asked in the exam and to assess yourself.

RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 18
RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 18

RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 18 (25 Important Q&A)

Question. 1 KWh =………..

  • 3,600 J
  • 36,00,000J
  • 3,60,000 J
  • 36,000. J

Answer: 2

Question. Million periods are:

  • OT.M
  • M, TM
  • TTh, HTh, M
  • M, TM, HM

Answer: 4

Question. In which country is the Bledsoe desert located?

  • Iceland
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Greenland

Answer: 3

Question. When did the British Government pass the infamous Rowlatt Act? The Act allowed political detention without trial.

Answer: 3

Question. A layer of wax-like substance found on the epidermis of desert plants, is this substance?

  • cellulose
  • cutin
  • pectin
  • lignin

Answer: 2

Question. What can be concluded about the carbon atom from 6C¹²?

  • It has 12 neutrons and 6 electrons.
  • It has 6 protons and 12 neutrons.
  • It has 6 neutrons and 6 protons.
  • It has 12 protons and 6 neutrons.

Answer: 3

Question. Average power required to raise an 80kg object to a height of 40m in about 50s above……. Will be

  • 600K/J
  • 3200K/J
  • 640K/J
  • 800K/J

Answer: 3

Question. Eka- aluminum was named as a……. metal in the modern periodic table.

  • scandium
  • aluminum
  • gallium
  • germanium

Answer: 3

Question. A force of 60N is applied on an object and the object is displaced by 4m, then the work done will be

Answer: 2

Question. What was the real name of Indian film director ‘Guru Dutt’?

  • Prabhakar Padukone
  • Shambhunath Padukone
  • Vasant Kumar Shivshankar Padukone
  • Vasant Padukone

Answer: 3

Question. Newlands’ principle of octaves was applicable only till .

  • calcium
  • Sulphur
  • chlorine
  • potassium

Answer 1

Question. Mass 400 kg Calculate the momentum of the gun when its velocity of reaction is 0.25ms-1it happens.

100 kgms-2
100 kgms-1

Answer: 3

Question. The South Asian Sports Council (SASC) was formed in the year.

Answer 1

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Question. An object is placed in front of a concave mirror at a point lying between its focus point and center of curvature. What will be the image to be produced?

  • virtual and vomiting
  • real and straight
  • virtual and direct
  • real and vomit

Answer: 4

Question. The portion of DNA that provides protein information.

  • chromosomes
  • nucleus
  • nucleus
  • Jean

Answer: 4

Question. …… is the first city in India to affix colored hologram stickers on its vehicles on the basis of the fuel used by them.

  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai
  • Delhi

Answer: 4

Question. What is the potential energy equal to?

Answer: 4

Question. Which of the following contains ethanoic acid?

  • Lemon juice
  • white vinegar
  • Orange juice
  • tomato ketchup

Answer: 2

Question. Who is Chanda Kochhar?

  • CEO and MD of ICICI Bank, India
  • Founder of Flipkart
  • Indian Olympic Gold Medalist
  • an Indian astronaut

Answer 1

Question. What type of material was the Brihadiswara temple built from?

  • Soap Stone
  • granite
  • Sandstone
  • marble

Answer: 2

Question. The reason for the origin of organisms responsible for Kala-jar is-

  • transverse gamete fission
  • downward gamete fission
  • multiplier fragmentation
  • linear gamete fission

Answer: 2

Question. When our muscle cells lack oxygen during energy production, the 6- carbon molecule gets converted into a carbon molecule.

Answer 1

Question. In which state is the Gandhi Sagar Dam located?

Answer: 4

Question. If two forces of 10N and 5N are applied on an object in the same direction, then what will be the total force acting on the object?

Answer: 3

Question. In which year the Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place?

Answer : ?

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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